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Who we are

Since 2014, betterair has been the pioneer and market leader of the microbial bio-security arena, providing the only comprehensive solution that protects our surfaces, objects and air of our indoors. betterair is  harnessing the benefits of EnviroBiotics® to restore the ecological balance of our indoor spaces in a safe, simple and natural way, creating a healthy indoor environment free of pathogens and allergens.

Why we do it?

Over the past several decades, there has been a growing awareness of how pollution impacts the livability of our outdoor world. Recent studies indicate that the indoors are much more polluted than our outdoors, a fact substantiated by numerous studies, including the World Health Organization publication of HAP – Household Air Pollution Indoor pollutiongrouped together and known as Building Related Illness (BRI). BRI leads to a series of reported health issues, from discomfort up to Asthma and even Cancer. Multiple studies such as the Finnish Health Institute report that protective bacteria imported indoors may reduce the risk of developing Asthma. betterair Enviro-Biotics® reduces BRI symptoms and restores indoor ecological balance.
Going back thousands of years Building related illness (BRI), are mentioned in detail in the old testaments (Leviticus 14:33-53), Indoor threats based on microbial contamination have been a source of illnesses propagated primarily on a weakened immune system. This widespread phenomenon is affecting modern day society known as the “Indoor generation” that spends 90% of the time indoors.