The advantages of Enviro-Biotics® are:

✓ Dramatic reduction of allergens.
✓ Elimination of bad odor
✓ An overall decrease in harmful pathogen survival.
✓ Restoration of fresh air without harmful chemicals.​

Betterair is the safest, most natural way to achieve a cleaner and fresher indoor environment.

The natural way to a healthy home

Bring the best of what’s outside inside with betterair - the safest, most natural way to achieve a cleaner and fresher indoor environment.

  • Who we are

    Since 2014, betterair has been the pioneer and market leader of the microbial bio-security arena, providing the only comprehensive solution that protects our surfaces, objects and air of our indoors. betterair is  harnessing the benefits of EnviroBiotics® to restore the ecological balance of our indoor spaces in a safe, simple and natural way, creating a healthy indoor environment free of pathogens and allergens.

  • Why we do it

    Over the past several decades, there has been a growing awareness of how pollution impacts the livability of our outdoor world. Multiple studies such as the Finnish Health Institute report that protective bacteria imported indoors may reduce the risk of developing Asthma. betterair Enviro-Biotics® reduces BRI symptoms and restores indoor ecological balance.

The science behind betterair

We represent the cutting edge of wellness optimization by harnessing the power of natural Enviro-Biotics®. Whenever betterair technologies are applied, indoor spaces become balanced, safe, pleasant and healthy.

Be proactive – control your indoors


The air we breath indoors is filled with airborne microbes (allergens, bacteria, viruses and mold), originating in HVAC systems.


Every object we touch, we leave our microbes and  collect others.


Indoor surfaces around us are overwhelmed with allergens and pathogens that adversely affect our health and well-being.

Contamination is all around you

90% of our lives are spent indoors

80% of indoor contamination exists on surfaces and objects

Indoor air is 5x more polluted than outdoor air

Experts' opinion

"I was at wits’ end with my baby’s eczema flare-ups – until these probiotic air purifiers came along I was highly skeptical about how true they were. However, four months after I first started using the machines, I found myself recommending them to a friend whose son suffers from chronic eczema. After considering how much relief it’s given the entire family, I would say that it’s a worthy investment for people suffering from allergies to dust mites and other airborne allergens."

At the Shamir Medical Center, we had tested the B-Pure air purification unit for an approximate period of 3 months. We had placed the unit in the gowning room at the exit of the Corona Department, where staff take off their gown and a high level of aerosols raises fear of causing contraction of the virus by the staff.

After this period I can comfortably confirm that we had not seen an outstanding number of cases of contracting the virus by hospital staff.

I positively recommend the system for the purpose of reducing health contamination risk to humans.

"I am both glad and proud to be a leader in the field of “healthy buildings” that protects the well-being of both tenants and visitors at the Azrieli Tower complex."

I honestly love your products. My son is on asthma medication every day. His Asthma surely cant be cured for good, but extremely happy with any improvement and by using your products, it reduced usage of Ventolin by 30%- 40%, which is great.

The report showed a reduction in infectious microbial load, furthermore, there was an improvement in employee’s well being.

"Careful analysis of these results clearly shows that Better Air environmental probiotics have been found effective in creating of a more balanced Indoor microbiome inside the treated planes”