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How did betterair choose these specific bacteria?

Are betterair products safe for humans, pets and animals?

What are probiotics?

How do betterair’s Environmental Probiotic work?

What is the difference between traditional air purifier and Betterair’s Enviro-Biotics?

Why is having a high concentration of betterair probiotics a good thing? How does this specific formula mimic the “natural” condition?

What is the ideal/desired level of ‘good’ microorganisms on a surface? Is there peer-reviewed evidence or major non-industry health institution (EPA, HHS, WHO) that has established that level or confirmed that level?

Are Enviro-Biotics efficient against all the microorganism?

What scientific evidence exists that this concept results in environmental and human health impact reductions? Please cite the studies conducted to show that increasing the presence of probiotics in the air and on surfaces to a specified level results in the "elimination" of allergens, infectious diseases and organically based odors.

Why should I treat HVAC system with betterair’s products?

What is the recommended amount of Enviro-Biotics to be applied for optimal protection and how do we know best ratio for our space?